Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship can be obtained in several ways. Two of them have changed this year.

Buying real estate To obtain Turkish citizenship under a simplified scheme, you need to purchase any property in the country worth over 400 thousand dollars. This takes into account the non-market price of real estate, the estimated cost for obtaining citizenship is determined by a special state commission. As a rule, the price is below the market price. The new rule will come into effect on June 12, 2022. When buying real estate in the amount of 400 thousand dollars or more, documents for obtaining Turkish citizenship can be submitted immediately after the completion of the purchase and sale transaction. Members of the family of the property owner (husband / wife, minor children) can also apply for citizenship. Recall that earlier, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, it was necessary to buy real estate in the amount of at least $ 1 million. Then the minimum threshold was lowered immediately 4 times. And it became necessary to invest in real estate only 250 thousand dollars.

Now the Turkish Cabinet has adopted a new decision to increase the minimum investment amount. Despite the increase, obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is still one of the most affordable in the world. Real estate, in case of obtaining citizenship, cannot be sold for three years. Deposit account Another change concerns deposits. To obtain Turkish citizenship under a simplified scheme, you need to deposit at least 500 thousand dollars into an account in any Turkish bank. But if earlier it was possible to deposit this amount in any currency and even in precious metals, now you need to open an account only in Turkish lira. Money cannot be withdrawn for three years. The rest of the rules remain unchanged. Let’s remember them. If a foreigner invests at least 500 thousand dollars in the Turkish economy, then he can also apply for citizenship under a simplified scheme. Another way is to open your own business. The main condition for its creation is the employment of at least 50 Turkish citizens. Then, too, you can count on Turkish citizenship under a simplified scheme.

And finally, the last option: the purchase of Turkish government bonds in the amount of at least half a million dollars. If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, please contact our company. We will definitely find the right option for you. Moreover, we will carry out all the necessary procedures ourselves, including the assessment procedure by the state commission, and in the future we will help with obtaining a Turkish passport.

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