Russians are actively buying property in Alanya. The main concern of Russians is connected with residence permits

BEST HOUSE ALANYA experts analyzed the Russian demand for real estate in Alanya. In January, the number of requests increased by 17%.

In January 2023, Russian demand for the purchase of real estate in Alanya increased by 16.67% compared to the result in December last year. This growth, within the framework of monthly dynamics, was the first, since October last year, the number of applications increased by 27.25%.

Despite the growth, in January 2023 the interest of Russians was 41.45% lower than in January 2022 and 9.5% lower than in January 2020.

The beginning of the year is traditionally a period of growing interest of Russians in purchasing real estate in Alanya. Positive dynamics has been observed in recent years. Thus, in January 2022, the number of requests for Alanya increased by 32.8%, and in January 2021, the growth was at the level of 60.7% compared to the previous month.

In general, according to the results of January 2023, the share of transactions involving Russians among the total volume of foreign transactions in Turkey amounted to 37.42%.

“Since the end of December, we have seen a slight decrease in demand for real estate in Alanya. We have noted the departure of the Europeans. So, for example, earlier we had 50/50 Russian and European deals. This situation continued until the end of the New Year holidays. After January 12, there was a revival, and now the situation has returned to its usual tracks. Lots of requests. People understand what they want. Everyone is interested in obtaining a residence permit and real estate is bought for this. Now the rules for obtaining a residence permit for Russians are changing. Often they are refused if TAPU is issued not for one, but for two people. At the same time, even those who buy real estate with a high expert assessment, more than 150 thousand US dollars, are turned around. The current state of affairs greatly scares buyers. This is especially due to the fact that the rules change very quickly and there is no time to prepare for new iterations of legislation,” says Valentina Ledeneva, Head of Sales at BEST HOUSE ALANYA.

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