Subtleties and life hacks for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

Turkish real estate market expert Valentina Ledeneva spoke about life hacks and tricks for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey in 2023.

Valentina Ledeneva, Head of Sales Department BEST HOUSE ALANYA:

– Today, refusals to obtain a residence permit come mostly to men, so if you have purchased property in Turkey to obtain a residence permit, it is better that the only applicant for a residence permit is a man. Further, after receiving IKAMET, the family can apply for a residence permit.

In a situation, for example, with the fact that the family has a man of military age and adult parents, then it is worth starting to submit documents from a young man. And then adult relatives can apply for a residence permit after family reunification. In addition, in this case, age will play for them. Also, certificates that parents need care will help to obtain a residence permit and extend it in the future.

I will add that young people under 21 are quite simply issued with a residence permit, provided that they do not have a full-fledged family.

Now one property involves obtaining a residence permit for one person. I will add that this system operates at any cost of the object and at any of its expert assessment. So, an apartment costing $75,000 and an apartment costing $200,000 will be the same in this regard.

Another subtle point in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey is the need for ISKAN when buying an apartment in a new building. Developers receive this document and this process is now quite lengthy. Previously, this process took about a month, now it takes 3-4 months. It is worth noting here that the presence of a TAPU for a new object will not allow obtaining a residence permit without ISKAN.

Now there are many offers on the market where sellers promise to obtain a residence permit at the expense of a built apartment, but without ISKAN. But in reality, the absence of the last document leads to a refusal to obtain a residence permit.

Now is the time that the situation and laws can change in just a day.
For commercial real estate, a residence permit is not issued, but at the same time, commercial real estate allows you to obtain citizenship. In this case, the region does not matter. Here, as a result, only one person receives the document, and there are requirements for the seller. So, a Turk must own an object for at least three years, and earlier citizenship was not made for this object. In addition, if the premises are sold by a company with foreign participation, then citizenship cannot be obtained for such an object.

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