Turkish realtors told how Russians choose property in Alanya

The experts of the real estate agency BEST HOUSE ALANYA analyzed the factors of choosing real estate in Alanya by Russians.

In January 2023, the key factor in choosing a property in Turkish Alanya was the price. The share of requests for the purchase of real estate, where the cost factor was the key one, amounted to 52.3%.

At the same time, 11% (10.97%) of buyers who chose an object by price were interested in the opportunity to pay for it in rubles.

The second most important factor was the status of the object. The share of requests where exactly this nuance became the key one was 30.8%. At the same time, 90.67% of all requests were received on the secondary market.

The third most important factor is location. The share of queries where buyers chose location in January 2023 was 12%. At the same time, almost half of the requests (46.66%) came to objects that are within walking distance from the sea.

“Many Russians want to pay in rubles, since the money is kept in the national currency, but at the same time sellers are not particularly ready to accept payments in it. This is due to the fact that agencies and developers can accept payment at the cadastral price, which is greatly underestimated and amounts to about 30% of the market value. Usually, only large companies that have branches in Russia are willing to accept payments in rubles. At the same time, everyone tries to accept payments in foreign currency,” said Valentina Ledeneva, head of the BEST HOUSE ALANYA sales department.

According to the expert, the bias towards the secondary housing arose due to the fact that now people are concerned about obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

“Now everyone is concerned about obtaining a residence permit, and this right arises, including in the presence of TAPU. In objects under construction, this document is obtained only when 80-90% of the construction readiness of the object, ”said the realtor.

Mahmutlar is a popular location among Russians, as you can live there without English and Turkish.

“Often this place is chosen by those who do not know the language. For example, we know people who have been living in this city for several years and do not know the Turkish language even at an elementary level,” summed up Valentina Ledeneva.

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