Ways to save money when buying a home

The main factor in choosing real estate for Russians housing in Alanya is the price. Other factors lag far behind. Experts of the Turkish real estate market Valentina Ledeneva talked about what can allow you to buy an object cheaper, and what methods do not work.

Valentina Ledeneva, Head of Sales Department BEST HOUSE ALANYA:

Today, the average level of discount in the Alanya market is from 2 to 5 thousand euros, depending on the object. In some cases, the discount can reach 10 thousand euros. The size of the discount depends on the circumstances of the sale and how quickly the owner needs to sell his object.

It is possible to buy an apartment in a closed area only for rent today, and this will save money. The difference in cost, for example, Mahmutlar from Oba is from 40 to 60 thousand euros for a two-room object, on a one-room apartment you can save from 20-30 thousand euros.

The presence of the entire amount in cash also saves money, but if we are talking about buying an apartment from a developer. This payment format allows you to save from 2 to 5% of the total price.

Choosing to purchase an object in a state requiring repair does not allow you to get a significant discount.

A good way to save money on a purchase is to reduce the number of intermediaries between the buyer and seller to one. Many intermediaries increase the cost, and the absence of intermediaries reduces the opportunity for bargaining with the buyer.

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